Experienial Learning Programmes

Through a series of experiential learning programmes and workshops,the Hlev@lcw will resurgent the old hakka cultural tradition in order to provide the public a stronger understanding on LCW as the best preserved hakka enclosed village in hk with its characterized hakka history and culture.  The Project will launch 12 el programmes in a seasonal pattern throughout the coming 4 years.With the professional training in the Docent training course, candidates are anticipated to be professional guides in the village and to serve as workshop instructors in specific areas as well as offering a range of activities for the Project.

All selected participants are required to attend the core programme “Lai Chi Wo and Surrounding Village Docent Training Course.” They are also required to attend at least 2 elective modules: “Hakka Life Experience Docent Training Course.” Both deposits and certificates will be issued upon their completion of the courses, training assessments, and assigned training hours.

Core Programme

Lai Chi Wo and Surrounding Village Docent Training Course

Elective Module 1: Traditional Hakka Architecture and Repairing Craftsmanship

B1. Professional Lai Chi Wo Architectural Conservation Docent Training