Building Conservation & Restoration

The Hong Kong Countryside Foundation Limited, under the Chief Executive’s Community Project List 2015/16, was granted funding by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to conserve and restore a group of village houses, as the base for the operation of experiential learning programs and to provide accommodation for program participants.  The group of houses will be operated as an integral entity.  Profit if any from the operation will be applied to the maintenance of the houses.  The restoration of houses will be done carefully and sensitively to retain the existing characters of the houses and village as a whole.  New facilities will be installed to meet or surpass the current hygiene and fire safety requirements.  The project will restore the 15 village houses in the initial phase, and ultimately 25 houses.

Project schedule

28 Mar 2018

 The Hong Kong Countryside Foundation Limited (HKCF) is now inviting village house owners at Lai Chi Wo to participate in the second batch “Hakka Life Experience Village@Lai Chi Wo” village house restoration programme.  For owners or agents of village houses at Lai Chi Wo interested in joining the restoration programme, please complete the Expression of Interest Statement and return by 30 April 2018.

Apr 2018

​Villagers and stake-holders meeting - Progress Report & Invitation to submit application to join the batch 2 house restoration scheme

The meeting was held at Sha Tau Kok District Rural Committee Building conference room (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm, 10th April). Apart from about 20 attendants, the meeting was "FACEBOOK LIVE BROADCAST" to allow overseas villagers to participate.  HKCF staff reported the progress of the house restoration progress since Dec 2017 after we signed leases of 16 units of houses.  The batch 2 invitation of villagers to join the scheme also began on 28 March 2018 which will end on 30 April 2018.


Villagers who would like to join the batch 2 scheme can click on the application form of this website or enquire at HKCF tel 2698 0455 via e-mail


Feb 2018

 HKJC Project- seeking artifact donations

Dec 2017  

Lease Signing Ceremony of HKJC Project

The second round of the first batch of leases  of "Lai Chi Wo Hakka Life Experience Village" was signed in December 2017.

Nov 2017

Lease Signing Ceremony of HKJC Project

The first round of the first batch of leases of  "Lai Chi Wo Hakka Life Experience Village" was signed in November 2017.

Aug 2017  

The first planning permission of the project was granted with conditions by Town Planning Board in Aug 2017.

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